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MTN shares fall 10% as Nigeria suspends sale of SIM cards
11 December 2020  | 11 December 2020

“Shares in MTN fell 10% on Friday as Nigeria’s telecoms regulator — which is conducting an audit of mobile users — ordered network operators to suspend the sale and activation of new SIM cards, a move that has investors worried about the company’s prospects in its biggest market.”

Mr Price looking to stimulate credit sales in wake of Covid-19 downturn
9 December 2020  | 09 December 2020

“In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, traditional cash retailer Mr Price, has sought to boost credit as a percentage of their overall sales that have been struggling this year…..”

Altron shares cash on demerger news
8 December 2020  | 08 December 2020

“Peter Takaendesa, head of equities at Mergence Investment Managers, said Altron’s share price crash was a result of the impending demerger of Bytes UK from the group.“Altron shares are trading excluding the entitlement to receive the Bytes UK assets distribution. This means any investor who purchases Altron shares from today (yesterday) onwards will not receive Bytes UK shares when they list on the LSE and JSE next week,” Takaendesa said.

EOH’s regeneration plan is bearing fruit
2 December 2020  | 02 December 2020

“EOH sharply cut its debt and losses in the 2020 financial year, putting it closer to restoring its financial health after a devastating fraud scandal that almost tipped the tech outfit into bankruptcy.”.

SA banks and risk aversion: is a state bank an answer or a distraction?
1 December 2020  | 01 December 2020

““Are banks too risk averse or just prudent. It’s a debate with no shortage of defenders and detractors on either side”.