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Hospital stocks: the prognosis
7 October 2021  | 07 October 2021

Mergence Investment Managers portfolio manager Izak van Niekerk says the recovery in private hospital stocks, particularly his preferred picks Netcare and Life Healthcare, is based on operations “normalising” by the end of September 2023 — “factoring in a handicap for the slow vaccine rollout”, he says.

Telkom has plans to list its masts and towers business
22 September 2021  | 22 September 2021

Commenting on the separate listing of Gyro, Peter Takaendesa, head of equities at Mergence Investment Managers, said the listing of mobile network tower assets was long overdue in South Africa. It was an asset class that had been missing on the JSE.

Vodacom details its participation in Ethiopia after winning a lucrative telecoms licence
13 September 2021  | 13 September 2021

Peter Takaendesa, a senior portfolio manager at Mergence Investment Managers, said Ethiopia is a hotly contested country, as “every company wants exposure to the market” because it is “the last remaining large market that hasn’t been explored by international companies.

Investors support new index caps on Naspers and Prosus
3 September 2021  | 03 September 2021

Though Peter Takaendesa, head of equities at Mergence Investment Managers, agreed that capping limits risks, he said the considerations may be different for investors that are restricted to local investments. “For investors who are not allowed to invest outside SA, who are running a domestic fund, the Naspers/Prosus portfolio is somewhat unique. Perhaps they would want high exposure to that because we don’t really have stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Google. Naspers sort of provides that in SA,” he said.

Avoiding the cracks: MTN’s delicate dance is paying off
13 August 2021  | 13 August 2021

These are disappointments, but are not material in the bigger picture,” says Peter Takaendesa, head of equity at Mergence Investment `Managers. “They are doing the right thing by exiting the Middle East — though arguably MTN hung on in countries like Iran for too long. Investors will be more comfortable if they don’t have to worry about sanctions-busting and other complexities