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Meet Grace, Co-Portfolio Manager: Multi-Asset Class

Grace joined Mergence in September 2019 as Co-Portfolio Manager on the Multi-Asset class funds. She is a seasoned investment professional with a solid 12 year background in the investment industry, primarily in asset management. Before joining Mergence, Grace was employed at Prescient Investment Management as Co-Portfolio Manager on the bond funds, having attained that title in January 2018 after a year of work there as an analyst assisting the portfolio managers and head of fixed income. Her work experience before that includes five years at Prudential Investment Managers as an Asset Allocation Analyst, two years at RMB Asset Management as a Portfolio Risk analyst and 18 months at Momentum Wealth in product development and technical actuarial support roles.

Grace has completed 11 of the 15 Actuarial exams required by the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries in the UK with aspirations to complete the full series in future. She is currently pursuing her CFA designation and has completed level II.

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