Responsible investing

Business Day: Telkom bosses’ pay

Peter Takaendesa, Mergence listed equity analyst, comments on Telkom executive remuneration as published in the latest Telkom annual report.

Peter TakaendesaResponsible Investing, 26 July 2017  | View

Moneyweb: CEO pay

Brad Preston, Mergence CIO: Listed Investments, is quoted on executive remuneration.

CEO payExecutive Remuneration, 18 July 2017  | View

Moneyweb: Can anyone still think that corporate governance doesn’t matter?

Brad Preston, Mergence CIO, talks about corporate governance.

Brad Prestoncorporate governance, 18 July 2017  | View

Moneyweb: Should asset managers be acting on CEO pay?

Moneyweb’s Patrick Cairns asks Mergence CIO Brad Preston about the role institutional shareholders can play regarding executive remuneration.

Brad PrestonCEO payExecutive Remuneration, 11 July 2017  | View

Moneyweb: Should investors be concerned about Naspers’ control structure?

Interviewed by Patrick Cairns, Mergence CIO Brad Preston says there could be negatives and positives to the control structure of Naspers.

Brad Prestoncorporate governance, 29 June 2017  | View